With a great year for pop and R&B, this year has also been a fine year for hip-hop and rap releases. With the best rap records of 2019 being in our list we’ve got a lot more to arrive.

AJ Tracey – “AJ Tracey”

The onset of cool album of “AJ Tracey” in the month of February brought a lot of hype compared to what Ladbroke Grove rapper had since last five years. The self-titled album had almost every genre from the fizzy reversion garage powering the outstanding “Ladbroke Grove. With a declaration of commitment, AJ Tracey made a great beginning with his hottest debut album.

“Rap or Go to the League” by 2 Chainz

Since quite a time 2 Chainz has gotten good at appearing other artist’s tracks, but with his current album “Rap of Go to the League” he does a really successful solo. This has 2 Chainz’s most engaging and well-organized tracks that don’t indulge in various contributions like of Travis Scott and Kendrick Lamar.

Offset – “Father of 4”

With his debut solo the Migos rapper pays tribute to his four kids and make his to the famous rap records of the year. The album is the final part in certain releases by the members of globe-conquering rap trio of Atlanta. Offset had the best one with his “Father of 4” which boasts a host of new guest types.

Giggs – “Big Bad…”

The artist ultimately transcends his revered command over UK music world and also reclaims his star status. With his blooming friendship with deferential drake helped him in uplifting the heights of Peckham MC. With “Big Bad…” album Giggs sticks to his basic roots.

Czarface & Ghostface Killah – “Czarface Meets Ghostface”

Projects involving Ghostface are famous rap records and worthy of a listen, and link up of the group Czarface with Wu-Tang man (with 7L, Esoteric and Wu-Tang Clan member) had almost no differences. The heavy comic book that influenced albums comprised of brilliant and bizarre soundscapes that featured audio samples by film clips, wrestling monologues and different classic cartoons tagged with the artists.

Little Simz – “GREY Area”

NME Hailed the album as “The best rap record of the year so far”, the third album by Simz can become as the most vital album for her yet. With this album her music got a great amount of much deserved public attention.

Tyler the Creator – “IGOR”

Tyler – sorry, Igor – returned back in May with their large rap-light but this was his sixth spectacular album. Now a seasoned musician and producer in one’s own right, “IGOR” also serves as proof of Off Future founder’s continuous growth as one of the most inflexible songwriters in the scene.

Slowthai – “Nothing Great About Britain”

Most music enthusiasts had their faith put up in newcomer Slowthai, who is among the most promising voices of Northamptom. Shambolic Brexit-y era was worth a listen and with his new album “Nothing Great About Britain” he does a lot more than blatantly lashing out at Farage and Boris, though: it might be an honest, authentic and deeply emotional portrayal of disgruntlement and disenchantment pervading most of the British style living of 21st century.

The current year has brought a lot of hype from the top artists in the industry and newcomers as well. There are many more famous rap records to come as well.


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