The early days of hip hop

Hip hop is a style of music that only came into existence a couple of decades ago. Now, it is one of the most popular styles of music listened to today. Millions of artists attempt to make it big every year, and the music production industry is just as lucrative. While records might not be the primary source to binge hip hop in 2019, it certainly used to be. So let’s take a step back, and remember the early days of hip hop.

The dawn of rap records

Hip hop was experimented with prior, but believe it or not, big names like Tupac were not the first to enter the hip hop game. The first hip hop record actually belongs to a group called the “Sugarhill Gang.” The Sugarhill gang specialized in classic hip hop, and are considered pioneers of the genre. Their first record, “Rappers delight,” opened the gateway for big names like Run DMC to jump into the hip hop scene.

This is where hip hop also got its birth, and most hip hop in the early 1970’s was produced in the Bronx borough of New York City. This was an area that was predominantly African American, and tended to have a high rate of poverty. Most 1970’s hip hop was born in light of this poverty, and is why most artists rapped about their day- to-day struggles from their hometown.

The 1980’s

Hip hop in the 1980’s was wildly different than it is today, and many groups rose to fame. In modern hip hop, you’ll see a lot of solo artists. But, back in the 80’s, artists tended to stay in groups before big labels came about. Some popular groups from the 80’s include:

Run DMCThe Furious FiveFresh Crew

These hip hop artists played a large role in developing hip hop, and some great record produced in the 80’s are classic hits. Have you ever heard of Run DMC’s “Sucker MC’s?” If you haven’t, you definitely should.

The emergence of modern hip hop

How could we have a hip hop article without Tupac and Biggie Smalls. These two individuals were one of the most popular hip hop artists of their time, but actually hailed from two different coasts. Tupac was one of the main influences on West Coast hip hop, and Biggie was his biggest rival on the East Coast. The two forms of hip hop vary in style, but these two helped propel hip hop to the abundance we see today.

They may have been rivals, but they used to be friends. Unfortunately, as you know how the story goes, both rappers were actually murdered. This is due to the feuds that brewed between coasts. The reason that all of this history is important, is due to the fact that this is when hip hop started to gain vast amounts of media attention.

Record sales began to skyrocket during the feud, and helped land hip hop where it is today. As time grew on, and hip hop became more popular, groups like N.W.A began to come out of the woodworks.

The reason hip hop is the way it is today

Without big hits from many of these artists, hip hop never would have taken off. While it has changed substantial since its inception, with each decade it began to gain ground. While modern hip hop may be enjoyable to listen to, the golden age of rap is considered to be the mid 80’s to the early 90’s. This is due to the simple fact that rappers of this time period produced their lyrics from the heart. There was no fame, no lavish lifestyle, and no money. It was all just heart.


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