Passion Pit – Little secrets Well this will definitely be my easiest post of the day seeing as I have been listening to Passion Pit heavily the past several weeks. “Little Secrets” is one of those songs that has been my jam (just like “I’m the Ish”) recently and “To Kingdom Come” is the song that initially got me into them along with my friend Beefcake (and yeah that is actually what we call him). It is so easy to write about songs that you are into and have been listening to a lot, I am not saying anything about finding new songs because honestly that is my favorite thing in all of music, but when you are already into something you could ramble on for hours. “Little Secrets” is more of a party/pump you up song while “To Kingdom Come” is more mellow but they provide some very cool visuals in the video. Check the “To Kingdom Come” video below the break and if you don’t have their album Manners then you should pick it up here.


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