The whole hip hop scene has changed a lot since the very beginning of the genre. Since that time a lot of musicians have made a name for themselves with the most popular chart toppers of all time. If you’re a hardcore hip hop music follower and love to groove on those sick beats then here we bring you some mainstream DJs who have been constantly dethroning their records with their new single hits of all time.

Here we have listed the best DJs in hip hop recording:

DJ Snake

It isn’t possible to make a list of pop and hip hop music and skip DJ Snake. Being the hottest name in po, Dubstep and Hip-hop music, DJ snake creates some of the grooviest masterpieces on different records like Blend it Records, 100% Records, Ecstasy Recordings, Fevah Records, Emotion Recordings, Tripoli Trax, Sounds of Subterrania and Voltage Musique Records.

DJN Greg Street

Over the previous two decades DJ Greg Street has come out as one of the best DJs in hip-hop recording scene. His music has been a lot demanded in Houston, Alabama, Dallas, Mississippi, and Atlanta, and he has become as the most renowned record producer on ATL-based Hip-Hop V103 which is a complete industry powerhouse.

DJ Premier

Christopher Martin or DJ Premier is one of the most shining names of golden age hip-hop ever. He was another half of the Gang Starr partnered with rhyme Guru, Preemo in a number of albums like Moment of Truth, Hard to Earn). He also recorded watered-down spoof which became a major hit afterwards. With his immense hits he has earned the status of greatest hip hop producers of all time.

J Dilla

James Yancey alias J Dilla has been a great name of the MPC with his unquantized drums, bassline manipulations and master sample chops. J Dilla earned huge commercial success with his track (The Pharcyde’s “Runnin,” which got peaked to No. 55 on the hot 100 list of Billboard. Fans also call him as the zenith in the hip hop scene.

DJ Jazzy

DJ Jazzy Jeff is among the most underestimated DJ in the Hip Hop music industry. He has produced a lot of hip hop mammoth albums while partnering with Will Smith such as The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff. However, some of his best tracks have been the outcome of solo production with music like “The Magnificent” and “The Return of Magnificent”.

DJ Cosmic Kev and Diamond Kuts

It is quite vital to know Philadelphia as a town with a rich and diverse musical history. The Gamble and Huff legacy and Philadelphia Soul Sound helped in shaping popular music sound. The 2 leading musicians reflect a keen awareness about the musical roots of their city .

Power 99 DJ Diamond Kuts is also known as East Coast DJ queen and not a lot of DJs got appraisal from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.DJ Cosmic KEV is among Philadelphia cultural ambassadors and has a “street banger” tag.

With their ever changing beats and synths in some of their newest albums, these producers have some of the most unique and record breaking tracks and are about to create a lot more magic in the industry.


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