Mike Posner & the Braintrust – A Matter of Time (Mixtape)

Another mixtape for your ears, this weekend was busy with the releases and I’m just trying to catch up. A Matter of Time is a solid...

K’naan – “Wavin’ Flag” feat. Canada (Young Artists For Haiti Mix)

K’naan has gotten together some of Canada’s finest in music to produce a new mix of his mega hit “Wavin Flag” in order to...
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The Top Hip Hop’s Of All The Time

Hip Hop has evolved to be one of the best genre of music in the current generation. This is one of  the most profitable music genre right now. With a lot of tours and profitable planning  and marketing strategy. The crazy for Hip Hop is here to stay. If you are wondering who IS the most popular Hip Hop artists of all time we have a list.

Tupac Shakur

The number spot is none other than Tupac Shakur. Although he is not with us today, His music stills lives on . He was one of the most lyrical and technical Hip Hop artist of all time. Although, his music was misogynistic and violent it spelt the beans on how difficult the life was. In the young life he has he still was able to establish himself as one of the most successful Hip Hop artists of all time.


Arguable one of the best today, Eminem is one of the beautiful Hip Hop artist today. He was one of the greatest who artist who takes inspiration from his own life and pens it down into a song. His projects might be the topic of many controversies but even with his music he is one of the most likeable artist today.

 Notorious BIG

biggie smalls is one of the best with his lyrical abilities, unique voice, and witty punch lines. He was one confident person who was very adept to his abilities. His music brought people together. his popularity started going down due to his involvement in may crimes. But Biggie was one of those artists who led a very young life.


The greatest Hip Hop Street artist of all time who cam into recognition due to his music. He came to be known world wide with his debut album ‘Illmatic’ in 1994 when he was only 20 years old. His ability to bring emotions into his music was the reason for his length career. He is always known for his consistency where he always delivers music which gave him the legend status.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is one of the most common name in the Hip Hop community. Ice cube before his music career was known for his acting abilities. He was one of those artists who was hardest to approach. He after several hits under his belt founded hi own company called the ‘Cube Vision’.

Jay Z

Arguable one of the greatest Hip Hop artist today is Jay Z. He is a Hip Hop artist turned business man who has a high status in the Hip Hop world. He has a very unique voice which made him come to the status that he is today. He has 21 Grammys in this name and has a career which he owns very dear.

Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. – “Bang” (Prod. Blaqstarr)

rye-bang-ft-mia Consider this track your morning coffee of music because of the fast beat haha. M.I.A. raids Baltimore for this single from her artist Rye Rye who is signed to her label N.E.E.T. Rye Rye has been on the B-More club scene for a couple of years now and I remember her from her single with Blaqstarr called “Shake It to the Ground”. Blaqstarr is also a Baltimore club producer and rapper and has worked with M.I.A. for a few years and the Baltimore club influences definitely shine on this track. I am interested to see if people outside the Baltimore area will be feeling this track or not, I’m used to hearing stuff like this and go-go but know that most people aren’t and am interested on their take of the regional music. Download: Rye Rye ft. M.I.A. – Bang

Relapse Album Cover

normally try to stay away from the album artwork posts unless they are 1) a huge artist or 2) some cool ass artwork and thankfully this one fills both that criterion. That isn’t even mentioning the fact that this is easily the most anticipated album of the year. Regardless of what you think of his first single on the album, you have to admit this cover is dope, it reminds me of one of those pictures from the ’90s where if you stare at it long enough a picture pops out at you haha. It would’ve been nice to have gotten a tracklist with this but judging by how close to the vest they played the first single I wasn’t really expecting it. The album drops May 19th.

Shawn Anthony – “Beautiful Life” (Entourage Closing Credits)

This is the song that plays at the end during the closing credits of the most recent episode of Entourage. Shawn Anthony is an artist out of Baton Rouge, LA and this song was impossible to find. You would think artists that gain exposure on such a huge hit show would have much better marketing plans in place to get their music featured on the show out to the masses, we all remember how bad Saigon’s push on the same show was executed.

8 Raunchiest Rap Songs Kids Love to Sing

For as long we’ve created music for the masses, parents and politicians across the world have been quick to complain that our children are being exposed to violent and overtly sexual messages. Hip-hop in particular has been a lightning rod for controversy especially when it comes to vulgar and raunchy lyrics. Because hip-hop has always had such a huge target on its back, many artists have become masters at hiding disguising their really dirty lyrics through the use of creative metaphors which seem innocent to anyone who doesn’t understand their true meaning. That’s great for us adults but I will admit I find it a bit awkward, and sometimes amusing, when I hear a 5th grader unknowingly singing a song about squirting jizz onto a girls face. So with that said here is a list of the 8 raunchiest rap songs kids love to sing. 08. Next – “Too Close” In 1997 I was a wide-eyed 15 year old freshmen being driven to school by a gorgeous blonde senior named Jenny. Every morning Jenny let me pick the music we’d listen to and for a little over a month the song “Too Close” by Next was by far my number one choice. One day Jenny turned to me and said “I think it’s pretty fitting that a freshmen boy would be so obsessed with a song about uncontrollably popping a boners”. I was completely embarrassed and simultaneously baffled by her statement. My red face and look of utter confusion must have given me away because Jenny then restarted the song and told me to listen to the lyrics. Like a blind man seeing for the first time I sat back and felt a little bit stupider with every passing verse. I mean how could I not have understood this? The first line of the song is “I wonder if she could tell I’m hard right now”. That was the last time I played “Too Close”, I spent the remainder of the semester playing Mase Harlem World on repeat at least I knew what Mase meant when he sang about buying E Class Benzes. 07. Lil John & The Eastside Boys “Get Low” Using nothing more than a basic synthesizer and a few simple catch phrases Lil Jon has managed to pump out some of the most infectious rap anthems of the last 5 years. None more catchy than the track he produced with The Eastside Boyz “Get Low”. Get Low featured some obviously explicit lines like “to the sweat drops down my balls.(MY BALLS)” but the reason it ended up on this list is for popularizing the phrase “skeet skeet”. “Skeet skeet” refers to the act of shooting jizz onto a girl’s face, ass, tits, etc. Until Dave Chappelle pointed this out to everyone on Chappelle’s show you couldn’t walk 10 feet without hearing some kid yelling “skeet skeet mother fucker!” While it may have been funny to watch a kid unknowingly tell his friends he wanted to cum on their faces after an awesome basketball shot, I think everyone felt pretty dirty when the whole truth was exposed. 06. Lil Wayne “Lollipop” Lil Wayne is undoubtedly the one of the best rappers in the game today. His latest album, The Carter 3, is flawless. Every track could be a hit single. It has to be one of the best hip-hop albums of the last five years, perhaps one of the best ever. The first single off The Carter 3 is an insanely catchy little number called Lollipop. Upon first inspection you may think lollipop is a coy yet innocent song about a sweet candy treat. But you would be shocked to discover that Wayne is not actually singing about his love for lollipops but is in fact singing about blow jobs. While most school kids may not grasp the true meaning of this song, they must be at the very least be concerned about an impending cooties outbreak all this licking is sure to bring. No in case you are wondering whether this song is about getting or giving a blow job Lil Wayne clears up all confusion by starting the track off with the words “Uh huh, no homo”. Thanks LW. 05. Kelis “Milkshake” Attention middle school girls everywhere! The secret to getting all the boys to like you is making the perfect milkshake! For me that means chocolate and vanilla ice cream with peanuts, Oreos 2% milk and lots of Hershey’s syrup. This is the lesson we can learn from Kelis’ hit song “Milkshake”. In the song Kelis generously offers to teach all the girls how to make the perfect milkshake “but [she] has to charge”. Sounds like a good deal right? Not when you realize that “Milkshake” like Lil Wayne’s Lollipop, is just another raunchy metaphor for giving a blow job. Kelis should be ashamed of herself for teaching middle school girls everywhere that the only way to bring “all the boys to the yard” is to go down on as many guys as possible and sell these trade secrets to other girls for money, like a whore. 04. D4L “Laffy Taffy” Clearly using candy and other sugary treats is a popular way to disguise the true explicit meaning of your song. D4L’s song Laffy Taffy is no exception. According to www.urbandictionary.com “Laffy Taffy is a slang term for the female genitalia– more specifically, the labia minora– so termed for it’s resemblance to stretched (pink) laffy taffy. Therefore, the term may also carry with it connotation of excessive sexual intercourse which can result in a stretched or elongated labia minora.” Not much else to say so I’ll just point out my favorite line in the song: “Gurl you don kno’, Ima toss da laffy taffy. Toss it flip it and slap it. Bust a couple of nuts. And get right back at it”. Just as Willy Wonka intended. 03. Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim – “Lady Marmalade” For the entire summer of 2003 you the entire world was collectively hypnotized by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim’s remake of Lady Marmalade. The song and accompanying music were utterly unavoidable. Much like Next’s “Too Close” I’m sure you could go the rest of your life without ever realizing that this song was overtly sexual. This updated version of a 1974 song by Labelle is about cajun prostitutes selling their vaginas. “Giuchie giuchie ya ya da dada” translating to “Get your vagina here daddy”. Of course if you spoke French you wouldn’t be surprised at all because the chorus of the song is “would you like to sleep with me?”. The quirky lyrics and colorful music video inspired a generation of tweens to dress like whores so I guess we should be thankful??? 02. Rihanna – “Umbrella” Perhaps the most surprising song on this list is Rihanna’s Umbrella, or as it might as well be called; Rihanna’s Vagina. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s brilliant that Rihanna fooled the whole world with this song. You may not believe me but listen to the song right now and tell me that it’s not obviously about Rihanna letting her boyfriend finish inside her without a condom. I am an especially big fan of how the whole song builds to a pulsating release with her moaning the lines “ella, elle , eh eh. Under my umbrella”. What a dirty girl. 01. Soulja Boy – “Crank That”
There’s a reason Soulja Boy’s song Crank That was such a massive hit with middle school kids everywhere. It was incredibly catchy, it had an easy to follow dance which was broadcast millions of times on youtube and most of the lyrics were so retarded and nonsensical only a 7th grade boy could ever possibly enjoy it. But what is 17 year old Soulja Boy singing about? Well the entire song is practically dedicated to sexual acts some of which most 12 year olds wont experience for a decade. First the song is called Crank That, which means to jerk off. Second Soulja Boy mentions “super soaking that hoe”, take a wild guess what that means. And my personal favorite is when he encourages listeners to “Superman that hoe”. Now what could this possibly mean? To Superman is when a girl wont give you any sex so you let her fall asleep then masturbate on her back and stick the bed sheet to her so when she wakes up she’s wearing a cape! How could a middle school boy not love this song?
So there you have it, the 8 raunchiest rap songs kids love to sing. I hope we didn’t come off as prude. Believe me we are far from it, but we do get a little uncomfortable when we hear our nephews, nieces, little brothers and little sisters triumphantly singing about some very dirty sex acts. Congrats to these artists for slipping one by the American people and we look forward to all the creative metaphors you come up with in the future to describe various deprave sexual activities! Now I need to go superman dat hoe.

10 Best Beatboxers Of All Time

Beatboxing has been around in some form for thousands years. In fact the human body was most likely the first musical instrument used in ancient African tribal ceremonies and even in the Chinese vocal art Kouji. But the true art of beatboxing didn’t really take form until the 1980s when someone made the brilliant decision to use a microphone to project their vocal beats and hip-hop music was never the same. Here we countdown the top 10 beatboxers of all time. An accomplishment made all the more significant when you realize that literally anyone born with a vocal chord has what it takes to make beats yet only these 10 can truly be called the masters of beatboxing. 10. Random Guy In Florida Blows Crowd Away At Beatbox Effex in Tampa Florida in 2003 some random guy steps out of the crowd and on to the stage. Judging by his every day normal white guy appearance (white tshirt, jeans, boring pair of tennis shoes) I think the crowd was really expecting him to ask for a ride home. Instead he drops some of the best beats for an amateur I’ve ever heard and the crowd was blown away. 9. Middle School Estonian Kid Destroys Talent Show Like the guy in video #10 I dont think anyone expected much out of a white Estonian middle schooler who obviously frequently shops at J. Crew. Expectations were so low that people keep coming on stage wondering what’s going on and fiddling with stage props. In the end he put on quite a show and hopefully walked away with first prize. 8. Joel Turner 2005 World Champion of Beatboxing In 2005 the World Championship of Beatboxing was held in Leipzip, Germany. Participants came from all over the world, and included Tom Thumb(Australia), White Noise(Ireland), Roxorloops(Belgium), Poizunus(Canada), Joel Turner (Australia) and Faith SFX (UK). After several heats of beatbox battles, the final was held between Roxorloops and Joel Turner. The five judges couldn’t decide a winner so they asked for one last extra round after which Australian Joel Turner was crowned 2005 Beatboxing World Champion. 7. Shlomo Explodes Onto the Scene British beatboxer Shlomo is best known for his pioneering beatbox techniques including his 2-mic trancebox routine which won him widespread respect and cred within the international beatbox community. Since establishing himself as one of the world’s best beatboxers Shlomo has performed with many famous musicians including Bjork and London hip-hop act the Foreign Beggars. One of his collaborations was chosen as the opening ceremony song for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens. 6. Kenny Muhammad Also known as The Human Orchestra, Kenny Muhammad is known for using “the wind technique” which relies heavily on breathing as a main element of the beatbox routine. Kenny’s earned his nickname after performing the song Kenny’s Joy with the New York Philharmonic. He has collaborated with many established artists including Stevie Wonder, The Gap Band, Public Enemy and Matisyahu. 5. Amazing French Beatboxer Don’t know his name, don’t know what show this is, all I know is that this guy is French and he is amazing. The way he seamlessly goes from Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean to Usher “Ya!” is simply incredible. I still don’t know when he gets a chance to breathe. 4. The Fat Boys No list about the best beatboxers would be complete without The Fat Boys. Hailing from Brooklyn this early hip-hop trio were truly pioneers of beatboxing as we know it today. Buff Love was the main beatboxer of the group and was a true innovator in not only beatboxing but hip-hop as a whole. These guys really put beatboxing in the forefront of rap and helped popularize it during the infancy of rap. 3. Doug E. Fresh Doug E. Fresh is on a short list of people who are both influential as rappers and beatboxers. Who doesn’t know the words to “La Di Da Di”? And his song “The Human Beatbox” is a gem for all those who aspire to be as talented as he is with beatboxing. In this clip he keeps the party jumping with some crazy raggaeton style beats. 2. Biz Markie Biz Markie is another well respected rapper and beatboxer. Both he and Doug. E Fresh broke out around the same time in the mid-80’s and his single “Just a Friend” brought Biz mainstream as well as his beatboxing abilites. Here is a video of him just going nuts on stage and creating a melody of a bunch of different songs, see if you can name them all! 1. Rahzel Rahzel simply has to go to the top. Being a member of the Roots, he is really the only modern beatboxer that is in a popular hip-hop group today. His ability is incredible, and when he is on stage by himself, having a DJ is almost pointless. Here he is with “If Your Mother Only Knew” live, this is the song that all beatboxers today know how to do, and as the other videos have already shown, often try to replicate but none are ever as good as Rahzel.

Mind Blowing Facts About Hip-Hop

One of the fastest growing industry right now is probably Hip Hop. It is one of the most liked music of the younger generation today. Most of the people might think that they know everything that needs to be known about Hip Hop but they do not know it all. In this article, we will be discussing some facts about Hip Hop that you might not have known.  

Drake’s Schoolbook

Drake is a young Canadian Rapper who in his schoolbook had revealed that he wanted to be a breakdancer or a singer. Also, in this schoolbook, he revealed where his favourite expression of ‘Bling Bling’ comes from.  

Post Malone Smash Hit

The Post Malone Smash Hit Album ‘Rockstar’ was originally a very different song. T-Pain revealed that Post Malone featured himself and Joey Badass before but later that was changed to what it is today.  

P.Diddy was a Back-Up dancer

P.Diddy in one interview revealed that he was the backup dancer for Big Daddy Kane and Heavy D. he performed for them in ‘You Can’t See What I Can See’ on stage in 1992.  

Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes went to school together

Jay-Z and Busta once went to the same school and were rivals in George Westinghouse High School in Brooklyn, New York. There was a very famous tale of them fighting every day in the cafeteria.  

Lil’ Wayne went by the name Shrimp Daddy

Lil’ Wayne before was called Shrimp Daddy as he took the inspiration for the pseudonym of the former cash money artist Pimp Money.  

Eminem thought of his alter-ego while sitting on the toilet

The rapper admitted in an interview that the rapper was sitting in the bathroom when he found the inspiration for his alter ego. He then named him Slim Shady as he was skinny at the time.  

Kendrick Lamar was on the set of the video shoot for Tupac’s ‘California Love’

Kendrick Lamar admitted that he found his taste for Hip Hop music from when he visited the shooting of Dr.Dre and Tupac’s ‘California Love’. As it was shot near his house.  

The Girl from Missy Elliot is 21 years old

The incredible child dancer in Missy Elliot Video is now 21 year old. The girl Alyson Stoner has also appeared in many other music videos from Eminem’s Just Lose It? And also has appeared in Camp Rock, Step Up , etc.  

Nas co-wrote Will Smith’s Single

The single of Will Smith that won a Grammy was ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit it’, was co written by Nas which won Will Smith the Grammy rather than Nas in the year 1998.

Mayer Hawthorne – A Strange Arrangement (Album Review)

see, where do I even begin with this album? Since I do not do album reviews often I usually only do them on albums I like and I have been bumping this non-stop the past couple weeks. He single-handedly is attempting to bring back the Motown/oldies sound and is making it hot again. I really think Mayer Hawthorne will be that dude in the near future or is right now, you know the one everyone is talking about and if you haven’t heard of him you feel like you aren’t cool anymore because you have been missing out on the newest indie music.

Read below for a track by track breakdown and assessment of the album. Prelude/Strange Arrangement The title song sets the tone for the direction this album will take from the get go. The prelude offers a lot of vocal harmonizing with a doo wop feel to it and it transitions seamlessly into “Strange Arrangement”. Mayer chooses to croon in his lower (natural) voice instead of the falsetto and he keeps it mellow with his voice and the harmonizing background voices over a slow, sad sounding piano.

Fitting considering even the more upbeat tracks often tell the tale of love lost. Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out Which brings me to “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out” which was the lead single and features Mayer’s signature falsetto over a smooth bassline and perfectly placed guitar chords. He starts it with a deeper voice in the beginning over a simple drum beat letting his girl know that it “Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out”. This song sounds like it is more upbeat; nonetheless, he is singing about a break up with his girlfriend and make it catchy. Maybe So, Maybe No Mayer leads this song off with a dreamy sounding synth and him singing the title lines but then it immediately breaks into a song that you can easily groove to.

The track utilizes different aspects of the Motown sound with some strategic horn blasts and a faster tempo. This song is his second single and relates more to the confusion of love rather then the common theme of love lost. Your Easy Lovin’ Ain’t Pleasin’ Nothin’ Here is one of the fastest tempo songs on the album and it begins with a “Heat Wave” inspired drum break that Mayer immediately utilizes into mimicking the Motown sound the best out of all the tracks. The tambourine (yeah, I just wrote that and it was an integral part of the sound) is in full effect, as well as horn blasts and even a saxophone solo and playing during the chorus.

Despite the title, he keeps the lyrics innocent the whole time and really captures the feeling that your parents and all of you will like, and I mean that in the best of ways since I played this for my parents and unlike most of my hip-hop songs they didn’t ask that “I turn down that racket” lol. I Wish It Would Rain No, this isn’t a cover of the Temptations’ song that I grew up hearing, but it is in the same vein. The emotional roller coaster continues because with this song he keeps it mellow and wishes for rain so that it could cover up his tears. He is singing in his now very recognizable falsetto and again is singing over a rolling, melancholy piano that makes you want to cry yourself to sleep haha.

After many listens of the album this could be my favorite song on the whole album. Make Her Mine “Make Her Mine” features Mayer in a more upbeat tune thinking optimistically about getting a girl this time instead of losing one. His voice is even more interesting than before because he sings in a lower falsetto then the previous track, kind of in between his natural voice and his falsetto, and it sounds smooth as hell. The piano plays the melody and again his back up band, The County, provide some horn accompaniment.

One Track Mind Again, I think of the oldies sound (throughout the whole album really) immediately with the piano playing and the hand claps. This time Mayer is more whimsical with his lyrics, talking about how his girl thinks more about shopping then him, but she’s still so fine haha. The County takes over harmonizing throughout the chorus and a lot of the song in the background. This song is also more upbeat and probably one of the more simplisitic songs with handclaps, the drums and vocals being the highlights. The Ills In this song Mayer strays the furthest from his oldies sound as this sounds more like a 70’s song on Motown haha.

So from the 60’s to the 70’s we go with the song prominently featuring fast percussion (congas maybe?) at the beginning and throughout the track along with some more horns and the signature falsetto. More differentiating features of this song include the switching up of the flasetto and natural voice as well as the message of “The Ills” of the world getting you down and getting back up, no more love stories here. Shiny & New Immediately we are catapulted back to an older sounding song with the slow string loop at the beginning and the talk about love. I don’t think we have heard some strings yet on any track and he incorporates them nicely. For a slower sounding song he conveys an upbeat message about how his love makes him feel good about himself.

Let Me Know Mayer’s voice is about as deep as you will hear it all album on this song and he switches up his tone throughout the song. The track sounds like he almost talking to you throughout the verses because you have become so used to his falsetto and singing voice. The band plays a simplistic beat in the background with simple guitar chords, vocals and a drum beat driving the majority of the track. In typical fashion the song is short and sweet, which is a hallmark of Mayer’s songs. Green Eyed Love Here is the supposed 3rd single from the album and it is features a prominent bassline lazily moving along with the accompaniment of some keys.

The falsetto is in full effect and Mayer’s lyrics channels the confusion of his relationship well, you don’t know whether he should be with the girl or not yourself after hearing the song tons of times. I am digging the guitar solo in this song too, there aren’t many solos for instruments throughout the album but this is one of the few opportunities and it meshes well with the overall sound. Rating/Summary 8.8/10 Mayer captures the feeling of Motown songs well and reinvents them into his own unique sound to make one hell of an album. The songs are short and sweet and Mayer tackles different sounds with his falsetto, natural singing voice and every vocal range in between. There are fast songs and slow songs, happy and sad, really all you could ask for from an R&B singer’s album. I am glad to see a hip-hop label like Stones Throw taking a chance on an different sounding artist and getting it right. If you haven’t already go BUY this album immediately and make it to one of his shows because it will be worth it.

9 Crimes White People Have Committed Against Hip-Hop

Last year Nas released an album apocalyptically titled Hip-Hop is Dead. Well, we here at BeatsandBombs.com obviously disagree, but we do feel that over the years several white rappers have been responsible for some atrocious acts that came very close to killing hip-hop once and for all. These nine acts of musical crime literally brought hip-hop to the brink of death, and now we must learn from the past to ensure history never repeats itself. Why only 9? Because the man wouldn’t let us have 10.

British Loser on X Factor

This British teenager is convinced that he has the look, the personality and most important the talent to become a massive rap superstar. He even claims to have drawn comparisons to his idol Eminem. Unfortunately the only thing this reject shares with Eminem is they both need a solid SPF 50 when they go to the beach.

Average Homeboy Denny Blaze

The late 80’s were a crazy time in America. Wall Street was boomed then bombed, crack was ravaging the inner cities of America, and hip hop started to become mainstream. Amidst all this chaos, a determined white kid from Cleveland by the name of Denny Blaze released a self-produced rap album and homemade music video. The video was sent to all the major record labels and most copies were immediately destroyed for the sake of humanity. But one copy survived and was unleashed onto the internet almost 20 years later. Within 24 hours the video had racked up millions of views as the world was painfully introduced to The Average Homeboy.

John Brown and the White Rapper Show

Now the whole “White Rapper Show” is an embarrassment to white people. The awful contestant selection guaranteed that this show would be the laughingstock of the hip-hop world throughout the entire season. Although we had a wealth of talentless contestants to choose from, John Brown is the one I am featuring because his whole image and persona scream to the world what a joke he is. And If you weren’t already laughing, on the show he frequently referred to himself as the “King of the ‘burbs”, thank you for making me cringe more John Brown.

John Cena Fake Rap Battles Fan

John Cena should be ashamed of himself. Not for that god awful piece of garbage movie The Marine, but for introducing an army of impressionable young wrestling fans to the world of rap battles. Every time this block of wood raps in public thousands of talentless middle class white kids get false hope that they too will someday be a professional rapper/actor/wrestler. When in reality they will just end up spending the next couple years annoying the shit out of their parents and future co-workers at Dairy Queen.

Limp Bizkit Rollin’ Urban Assault Vehicle remix

Fred Durst’s late 90’s fame will go down as one of the greatest mysteries the world has ever known. And he wasn’t just famous, for about a year he was a fucking superstar, one of the biggest in the world. Famous enough where he actually claims to have boned Britney Spears and Mandy Moore, and as crazy as that sounds today, it wasn’t that unreasonable back in 1999. Even the Hip-Hop community was briefly fooled with truly talented artists like Method Man, DMX and Redman actually agreeing to collaborate with the balding red-capped ass-clown. Fortunately the dotcom bubble wasn’t the only unsustainable phenomenon built on lies and general public ignorance to suddenly burst in the early 2000’s. I don’t know where Fred Durst is today, nor do I care, I just hope he realizes that he got away with one of the biggest scams in history and for that he deserves every loogie that gets launched on him on a daily basis wherever he goes.

Vanilla Ice Play That Funky Music

What hasn’t already been said about Vanilla Ice? We all know the story and we all knew he had to appear on this list. Even though the American Public has recently had a cautious reconciliation with Mr. Van Winkle after a not so terrible appearance on VH1’s The Surreal Life, the scars he left may never heal. Who knows how many talented white rappers never got their chance because we were still years away from accepting another Caucasian MC? To mix things up a bit, we’re not pointing out his most famous crime against hip-hop “Ice Ice Baby” and instead going with the less known but equally awful song Play That Funky Music.

Karl Rove Raps at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Considering Karl Rove is the right-wing mastermind behind arguably the most anti-urban political party and presidency of the last 150 years, I think it is safe to say that he represents the exact polar opposite of the hip-hop community. In fact he is hip-hop’s worst enemy. Which is why when he whipped out alter ego “MC Rove” at last year’s White House Correspondent’s dinner he dealt a particularly deadly blow to the hip-hop community. And knowing Rove, I bet he did it on purpose. He was probably hoping that his performance would leave hip-hop fans so fractured and disenfranchised that their entire community would implode forever.

Brian Austin Green

Some Atheists will point to the many daily tragedies, murders and overall violence in the world as proof that there is no God. I think a much more reasonable argument for God either not existing or being innately evil is Brian Austin Green’s life. If God was truly a loving and reasonable being then Brian Austin Green would have died from that flesh eating virus years ago. But instead of being punished for his acts of utter cruelty on 90210 he is somehow lives on and even thrives. In fact he actually managed to have sex with the hottest girl on the planet Megan Fox. As long as we live in a world where Brian Austin Green is allowed to even listen to hip-hop let alone attempt to participate in it and he continues to bang Megan Fox then there clearly can be no God.

Kevin Federline PopoZao

I debated whether or not Kevin Federline’s disastrous 2006 foray into hip-hop even qualified to make this list since it was universally panned and did not make any impact what-so-ever on the world. I think he sold a grand total of 300 CDs, all of which were bought drunkenly as a joke. But even though he did not sell 30 million albums like his Vanilla flavored predecessor, the fact that he was able to create an entire album of “music”, release three singles and even a music video feels like the equivalent of a back alley gang rape. Maybe Federline’s failure/success means we as a society have finally learned from prior mistakes and are able to reject utter garbage like his before it has a chance to hurt someone. Or maybe we should all be terrified that it has gotten so easy for any white jackass with a coupon for 2 free hours of studio time, a pony tail and a fading pop star girlfriend to participate in hip-hop on such a large scale. As the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger so hopefully hip-hop isn’t dead as Nas claimed but instead is stronger than ever and ready to take 6 bullets at once without flinching, like Fiddy.        

Wale – Attention: Deficit Album Preview

so I overreacted a little with my last post in saying I will boycott this album because I probably won’t. I am angry that Gucci is on a song and the fact he is even considered really waters down the album, but that is just one man’s opinion. Anyways Mark Ronson played the whole album for a select few people and Rap-Up was lucky enough to get the invite and provided us with a preview of the album. Check below for a track by track breakdown of producer, features and the purpose of each song. Also note that, “Chillin'” will be on the album but they were just previewing unheard songs. UPDATE: According to the comments section and Wale’s Twitter page these aren’t ALL the songs that will be on the album. I’m glad to hear there are a few more gems to discover when we buy the album. According to the comments these aren’t all the songs. Glad to ehar it beacuse I was definitely hoping to hear more from a first album. I guess there are a few more gems to discover when you buy the album. 1. “Triumph” Produced by Dave Sitek On Dave’s first foray into hip-hop production, he crafts a jazzy tune, replete with big horns, to support Wale’s lyrical celebrity hotbed. The rapper shouts out Hollywood staples like Lily Allen, Slumdog Millionaire, and, most importantly, a man that taught him to do for himself—Kanye West: “I asked Mr. West for some help/ But I realized us new ni**as gotta do for ourselves.” 2. “Pretty Girls” featuring Gucci Mane Produced by Best Kept Secret The title pretty much sums up the type of woman Wale has his eye on. A tune that blatantly speaks to his female fan base, this is the only record on the album that features the signature go-go sound. A sample from the 1970s track “Girls” by The Moments & The Whatnauts, Gucci Mane’s Southern flavor, and incessant hand-clapping on the chorus (reminding Ugly Bettys to “be quiet”) are key standouts. 3. “Mirrors” featuring Bun B Produced by Mark Ronson Both Wale and Bun B spar with the ominous tune—a mix of gothic guitars, soulful crooning from Phantom Planet’s Alex Greenwald, and heavy drums—to contend for the title of “who’s real.” The D.C. native lyrically jabs at his doubtful opponents on the chorus, rhyming, “Mirror, mirror on the wall/ Who’s the realest of them all/ Is it right, is it wrong/ They ain’t hard, swear to God/ These ni**as ain’t real at all,” while Bun plays no games, “… I’m gon’ keep it G/ If you can’t look up at yourself, how you gon’ look at me.” 4. “Contemplate” featuring Rihanna Produced by Syience The first question that comes to mind upon listening to this dark, thought-provoking record: is that Rihanna on the chorus? Producer Syience sampled the pop chanteuse’s voice from her Good Girl Gone Bad album cut “Question Existing.” She sings (with some added tweaks) over a grandiose rhythm, shedding light on inner turmoil with lines such as “Who am I living for?” while the rapper questions his place on the hip-hop radar, spitting quick brain buzzers like, “Am I doing this for them or me?” and “Play this shit while you contemplate.” 5. “90210” Produced by Mark Ronson “The Perez Hilton angle,” according to Ronson, don’t expect to find silicone and Botox applauded anywhere over the Mario Bros.-sounding beat. Beginning with a sea of electronic pulses that scream “high on life,” Wale raps about the stereotypical L.A. girl hoping to achieve celebrity by any means necessary. One verse through, and the chorus sticks: “She throws up whatever she eats/ She leaves the bathroom with a nose bleed/ Regular girl, celebrity dreams/ She’s 90210.” 6. “World Tour” featuring Jazmine Sullivan Produced by Cool & Dre When Jazmine Sullivan’s name is read, one hopes to hear the R&B singer bang out a stellar chorus to support Wale’s stories of leaving his D.C. ghetto behind. But high hopes are extinguished once all Sullivan belts out are a few short “oohh oohhs.” The cherry on this hip-hop sundae is the triumphant beat, which opens with a piano solo and immediately hits a heavy drum and bass pattern, and Wale’s no-holds-barred chorus, where he rhymes, “We on a world tour, Wale ya man/ Hustling each and every ghetto with a mic in my hand/ New York, VA, D.C., get paid.” 7. “TV in the Radio” featuring K’naan Produced by Dave Sitek Wale puts forth a braggadocio vibe over a rocking beat featuring a hint of an electric guitar and classic horns. The rapper wants to punctuate the fact that, like Lil Wayne, motherfucker, he’s ill. Lines like, “Everybody’s on me like the ‘A Milli’ beat,” show and prove his point. Supporter K’naan overshadowed his hip-hop friend, delivering a frenzied verse, replete with pompous attitude: “If we wasn’t so original, we’d be criminal.” 8. “Diary” featuring Marsha Ambrosius Produced by The Sleepwalkers This one has “soundtrack to a hip-hop fairytale” written all over it. The beat twists and cascades underneath Marsha Ambrosius’ troubled lyrics, which feature sentiments of a girl having a hard time holding her own. Wale opens the pages of his hip-hop diary to help soothe her soul: “Wife, you deserve the label/ But you’ve been hurt before so you don’t think you’re able.” 9. “Beautiful Bliss” featuring Melanie Fiona & J. Cole Produced by DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson Remember the Folgers coffee slogan? Well, the best part of waking up will be playing this record. Begin the day with this uptempo slice of soulful delight, brought in part by Melanie Fiona, who gleefully belts out, “It’s a beautiful day,” at its opening. A big beat backed by horns and a rampant piano, listeners are directed by Wale to focus on the prize at the end of each day. The pièce de résistance is rap newcomer J. Cole, who, expectedly, name checks the man filling up his bank account, rhyming, “I’m in a class of my own, at dinner with Hov/ Hoping he’ll pass the baton/ All he pass is the Patrón.” 10. “O.G.” Produced by Sean C & LV Who better to thwack the drums and make a record sound right than Travis Barker? The Blink-182 dude showcased his skills on the track in an opening drum solo, quickly supported by a horn section played by funk soul band the Dap-Kings. The unique rhythm created by the two powerhouses creates a hip-hop jazz bed for Wale’s vocals, as he raps about the life of an O.G. 11. “Prescription” Produced by Best Kept Secret Announced as the album’s closing track, any other place for it wouldn’t have worked. Its name is synonymous with the entire effort’s title, summing up the 10 tracks prior as the sonic pill to heal listeners’ auditory ailments. While Wale writes out the doctor’s orders (“Language, I provide like a Percocet”), flutes, bongos, and a tinkling of piano keys are celebrated on this jazz-inspired beat. A welcomed surprise (and personal favorite) at the record’s finale came in the form of the D.C. native’s spoken word talents, where he expressed a certainly debatable statement in an unorthodox manner: “I am hip-hop, past, present, and future.”